Tony Ndoro’s marriage over

Azania and Tony Ndoro in happier times

Zimbabwean high flying Supersport Rugby presenter Tony Ndoro’s six year marriage to radio DJ Azania Ndoro is over.

A sunday tabloid reported on 30 january,that Azania has moved out of their matrimonial home in Lonehill.

Both Tony and Azania are seasoned broadcasters,extensively involved in TV and radio.They both do MC-ing and voice over work as well.

Azania Ndoro

Azania Ndoro

Azania was born Amanda Mosaka in Pimville Soweto on April 18 1977.She is a DJ at Metro FM where she hosts her own show,aptly named ,Total Bliss everyday between 9am and 12am.

The stylish DJ has a deep love for literacy and is working on  a programme to be rolled out in the whole of Africa.

She holds a B Comm degree from Wits.

Tony Ndoro

Tony Ndoro was born in Nyanga,Zimbabwe and has been involved in sports since his school days when he played rugby for Zimbabwe.

He cut his broadcasting teeth at the then Radio 3 in Zimbabwe where he was nicknamed Tony D.

The handsome former Zimbabwe school rugby flanker is said to be romancing an e TV presenter.

Tony Ndoro Assaults Azania’s Collegue in Jealous Rage

The Ndoro’s,unlike most celebrity couples,have largely managed to stay out of the tabloids.

The only time they made it into the tabloids was on February 15 2006,when Tony physically assaulted hip hop DJ and producer Bradley Williams aka Bionic at a night club in Rosebank,Johannesburg.At the time,Tony accused Bionic of flirting with Azania.

A Blissful Balance

In an interview with Destiny magazine in August 2009,Azania Ndoro spoke of ‘a blissful balance’ in her marriage .’Quite simply,’ she said,’I feel very blessed.’

How a marriage can go from total bliss to total wreck in less than 12 months is anyone’s guess.Perhaps marriage,like all good things in our lives,comes with an expiry date.

As the sunday world said it,its Kaput For The Ndoros.


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2 Responses to Tony Ndoro’s marriage over

  1. ryan says:

    hey man here is Aza

  2. Faysal says:

    Azania such a beauful woman i realy like her and i never wished any bad thing to hapen to her never i love her to death any way al the best

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